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Teesside drone company DJM Aerial Solutions has recently invested in the industry-leading Flyability Elios 2, With huge success under their belts utilising the Elios 1 an investment made with help from both Digital City and Tees Valley Business Compass, The Northeast drone inspection company made the decision to upgrade their kit to the latest model.

The Elios range of UAS was developed around the requirement for confined space inspection and survey utilising none GPS technology and reliant only on the skill of the operator to carry out a pre-planned flight path to generate useable data for post review of dangerous confined spaces or hard to reach internal environments.

DJM Aerial Solutions invested in the Elios 1 in 2018 adding confined space inspection to their broad range of drone services. The financial assistance from both Digital City and Tees Valley Business Compass was key in securing the Elios without taking on any debts. The confined space inspection service has gained momentum over the last 2 years, really ramping up prior to lockdown with clients such as Heineken and Tarmac to name a few.

Elios 2 Point Cloud Company Director Dan Maine Added, “Our growing success utilising the Elios 1 for confined space inspection and survey of internal spaces was phenomenal, and it was a no brainer for us to upgrade our fleet to the next spec. Dan continued, “The Elios 2 has the ability to fly a preplanned mission allowing for photogrammetry outputs of that particular internal space, which we can then process into Point cloud or 3D models of the internal environment”

Internal Survey (s)

Internal survey and dilapidations are carried out generally using traditional manned access methods. Occasionally the properties can be come subject to vandalism or accidental damage from fires, water, rot, damp etc and are deemed structurally unsafe to enter on foot.

DJM Aerial Solutions areone of the few companies within the UK to own and operate the Elios an ideal solution to carry out these kind of surveys on dilapidated property or assets. However the Elios can also cope within an industrial environment too.

Confined spaces such as storage tanks and pressure vessels are to be inspected at regular intervals to comply with insurances and classification bodies. The process of carrying out vessel and tank inspections can be long and drawn out due to storage of toxic or harmful substances.

These storage tanks and vessels need to be fully cleaned of all or any potential harmful gasses prior to manned entry and even then pockets of gas may still be present. The Elios is obviously the ideal solution for confined space inspection as it can be carried out remotely without the need for any manned entry or confined space entry requirements.

Internal Point Cloud Survey

Teesside drone inspection company DJM Aerial Solutions has had numerous enquiries to provide internal point cloud solutions of confined spaces such as storage tanks, culverts, drainage tunnels and other internal environments and up until now there hasn't been a solution available.

The Elios 2 provides the solution to accurately fly a pre-planned flight mission utilising light-sensing technology to measure the distance from elevations and bulkheads allowing for sufficient overlapping photogrammetry methods.

The make up of the Elios 2 is such that the surrounding cage housing the UAS doesn’t cover up the UAS camera allowing full field of view unlike the Elios 1 which was limited due to the cage movement and its 4 axis gyroscopic technology. The Elios 2 cage is fixed however still allows the UAS to be fully protected from its surrounding environment.