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DJM Aerial Solutions discuss the 10 main reasons you should be considering high level drone inspection to compliment your current routines.

Drone Inspection

Drone Inspection using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as we know are fast becoming the preferred method of visual survey across a wide range of industries. Drone inspection is the safest alternative to any manned visual survey method and blue-chip companies are beginning to realise and understand the benefits of including drone inspection within their annual maintenance and repair budgets. Essentially drone inspection is reducing heavy costs related to erecting traditional methods of access but also has a heavy impact on the risks associated with manned working at height.

Drones continue to improve processes across industry reaching into the realms of science fiction in some cases. Drone inspection methods can range from standard outputs through to 3D models with high definition mesh overlays allowing the end user to evaluate an asset from the comfort of his or her desk.

Drone manufacturers and developers breach the norm on a day to day basis with continuous funding pots available to develop services they can offer such as drone inspection, aerial survey, autonomous flight paths, remote sensing, search and rescue and many other highly charged areas that were once difficult or risky to approach using the traditional methods.

We are now certain that drones are here to stay and will provide a positive outcome to all industries that they serve be it drone inspection, Geospatial analysis or medical supply delivery. As a drone service company, we are excited to be involved in this high growth industry and look forward to what is around the corner.

Drone inspection can offer a multitude of assistance to those that adopt the technology, providing numerous remedies to what were once pain points within the inspection and survey market and this blog post aims to alleviate any concerns surrounding the use of drones for inspection purposes.

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