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We are a Company with an extremely ambitious vision, lead by Iris Iena, Aphra Syparrado, Kyle Baker and Ben Guszpit.   

Our new and never-heard-of marketing campaign business model is now in BETA testing. Once fully up & running, it will not only help local businesses get back on their feet but also help create hundreds if not thousands of new jobs in creative industry, something very much needed the current post-lockdown economic climate.

We are bold enough to question the fact that most of current business platforms require payments to bring both creators and clients together. What if we knew how to improve this service, make it faster and free to both sides all at the same time? 

But our vision doesn't just stop there. 

We want to revolutionise drone industry forever. 

Drones are needed in our industry but why do they have to be so loud and dangerous? Why do they have to be so unreliable, with short flight times and not able to operate in bad weather conditions? What if we had great ideas how to change it but didn't have sufficient funds to set up an office space, R&D workshop and to purchase specialist equipment?  


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